It’s a wrap!

The summer festival season of 2018 has finally come to a close – but what a season it has been! Our fantastic and dedicated team has baked day and night, braving summer storms and blinding sunshine, at six festivals this season, sharing our delicious stroopwafels with thousands! Well done #teamstroopwafel!

If you haven’t had a chance this summer to taste our wafels, or you’d like some more, don’t worry! Our shop in the Fenix Food Factory is open six days a week, and we have some special announcements coming up in the fall/winter season as well, so stay tuned and check in on our instagram page to see more!

Thank you everyone for a terrific summer!



 Duizel in het Park – 3-5 Augustus







Ketels aan de Kade – 12 Augustus







EURekaweek – 23 August







Pleinbioscoop (for more pictures here)

8-26 Augustus






Kadefestival – 26 August








Open day at AVR.

8 September (photo by Miranda Koopman)







As the fall term approaches the Erasmus University Rotterdam will be kicking off the school year with a massive celebration: EURekaweek! This year Stroop Rotterdam will be welcoming new students, returning student, academics and staff alike with fresh wafels baked right there, on the spot, at the EUR campus!

Our bakfiets will be se up in the EURekaweek food-truck square, where we will introduce students to this traditional Dutch dessert and give them a taste of the Rotterdam entrepreneurial spirit through the many flavors of our wafels.

If you’re attending the EURekaweek make sure to stop by! Let’s start this semester on the sweeter side of life!

When: August 23rd, 12:00-18:00

More information on the EURekaweek facebook page.

It is mid-August and we are midway through the festival season. After Duizel in het Park and Ketels aan de Kade the Stroop Rotterdam Bakfiets has been wheeled over to the Museumpark for three weeks of outdoor movie nights!

Plein Bioscoop has been on since the 8th of August and will continue until the 26th. There are plenty of chairs and blankets to go around, and of course stroopwafels, warm and freshly made. It is the perfect summer night – for three weeks straight!

We even have a Plein Bios Special to match the movie theme, have you tasted them yet?


Psst, want to have a sneak peek at the special? Check out our instagram page! 😉


For the program click here.

Location: Museumpark 32, 3015 CX Rotterdam

Times: August 8-26, doors open at 20:00 each night, films begin around 21:30pm


Het festival seizoen is begonnen!

De zomer is begonnen, en we zijn klaar om onze bakfiets/stoopwafel-kraamp te fietsen naar de parken en festivals van Rotterdam! Komende augustus brengen we onze spraakmakende smakelijke stroopwafels, gevuld met overheerlijke karamel en spannende specerijen, naar open air filmvertoningen, concerten in parkjes, en stedelijke festiviteiten.

Wil je afkoelen op een hete zomerse dag? Wij hebben precies waar je naar opzoek bent! We serveren namelijk ook onze zomerse lekkernijen bij deze evenementen; ice cream stroopwafel-sandwiches! Dus zoek naar onze kraam deze zomer terwijl je geniet van Rotterdam en al haar festivals en evenementen, en trakteer jezelf, je vrienden, familie, de gehele bende, op overheerlijke authentieke lokale desserts!


Deze augustus vind je ons op:

Duizel in het Park – 3 tot 5 augustus

Ketels aan de Kade – 12 augustus

Plein Bioscoop – 8 tot en met 26 augustus


Meer details komen snel, dus houdt ons in de gaten!



Festival season is coming!

Summer has begun and we are excited to be peddling our bakfiets-stroopwafel stand to parks and festivals around Rotterdam! This August we’ll be bringing our signature flavored stroopwafels, full of gooey caramel and exciting spices, to outdoor film screenings, concerts in parks, and city celebrations.

Want to cool down on a hot summer day? We have just the thing for you! We’ll also be serving our special summer delights: ice cream sandwiches! So keep an eye out for our stand this summer as you enjoy Rotterdams festivals and outdoor events, and treat yourself, your friends, family, your entire crew, to some deliciously authentic and original local desserts!


This August you will find us at:

Duizel in het Park – August 3-5

Ketels aan de Kade – August 12th

Plein Bioscoop – August 8-26


More details coming soon, so stay tuned!

🎉 Exciting news 🎉We’re staring a new collaboration with @cintacoffeerotterdam and kicking it off with an introduction at their exclusive anniversary celebration the 19th of July 🎉 We’ll also be giving away a gift-pack to a lucky raffle winner, so make sure you sign up! Get your invite through the facebook event. See you there! xx #strooprotterdam